Meadowridge Properties Ltd.

Formed in 1988 to develop residential property, Meadowridge Properties continues to provide housing and residential solutions in the St. Marys area. Due to Meadowridge Properties doing its own servicing, roadwork and sewer work, projects are carried out with a minimum of sub-contractor work, ensuring timely completions. We are pleased to announce our newest development, Stoneridge Subdivision Phase II located off of Ridgewood Crescent in St. Marys. Construction and servicing will commence in summer 2018. This development will feature 41 lots which will include 30 single detached, 10 semi-detached and 34 townhouse units.     

Development projects include:

  • Diamondridge Subdivision (St. Marys)

  • Meadowridge subdivision (St. Marys)

  • Stoneridge subdivision (St. Marys)

  • Tracy Street subdivision (St. Marys)

  • Rotary Club senior housing project (St. Marys)

  • Parkview East senior housing project (St. Marys)

  • Greenwoods subdivision (Stratford)

  • Hamlet Estates senior housing project (Stratford)

  • Meadowridge Properties is a proud member of SABA.